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EMF Camp 2022


Buy a ticket - but be quick. This is the first year they've not sold out in seconds

Who's going?

Name Travel Comments
Tim K Driving with Stephanie
Stephanie (maybe +1) Driving with Tim K
Peter J Train
Logan Driving with Ben
Cameron Driving with Ben
Bart (+6)
Ben Driving
Simon Train (Thu 16:58/Mon 09:58)
Barney Probably driving
Craig Flying
Alec Train
Miron Train
Mike Driving
Martin crew camping
Wren crew camping

There is no minibus this year. Someone might take a van. Post on the list to arrange car sharing

Mailing List

Equipment Hire

We are hiring a 5x5m marquee, 2 tables and 20 chairs on behalf of the Hacklab village. The marquees are bigger this year (previously 3×3)

Camping Location

“That said, as you've got a Marquee, I've placed it on our site plan already, roughly similar to where you were last time - slightly north-west near DK B2, slightly towards the path between B&C. Approx half way up Camping B.”

Kinda here I think where i put the black squiggle


The map now shows the marquee:

What are we bringing?

LoRaWAN gateway



Peter J has submitted plans for a paper circuits workshop.

Camping Gear

Who is bringing what, for the Edinburgh Hacklab village:

Thing Person
25m 16A cable, 16A 3-way splitter, ~6m 16A cable Simon
Twin sockets on 16A ~2m cable with power meter, 2 adapters Simon
Electric coolbox Simon (in Barney's car)
10m 10A extension, 10 way 13A extension Simon (in coolbox)
Electric coolbox Unknown
10 way 13A extension Mike?
Fax machine (Hacklab)

This is what we had last time for communal stuff:

Thing Person
Electric coolbox, duct tape, gas stove, 8 gas cartridges, j-cloths, dish sponge, 2x paring knives, chopping board, wet wipes
10L water carrier, 3x3m awning/canopy, Ground sheet 6x4ft, 2L kettle, washing bowl, 50x paper plates
Picnic blanket
Gas stove (cartridge type)
Anker 10 port USB charger
A couple of small BBQs + tools, if transport arranged
16A 3-way splitter Simon
18“ fan (unless weather forecast is cold) (Hacklab)
Electric coolbox (in Mike's van) Simon
10m extension, 2 adapters, 10 way extension (in Mike's van) Simon
Music playback stuff

Tim H isn't currently planning to go but would be willing to loan: electric coolbox, butane stove, 2L kettle, water carrier, 3x3m awning/canopy.

Shared Expenses

Description Amount Who

The shared costs were around £?? per person. This will be processed via Hacklab, so please make payments to the lab via bank transfer, izettle or cash into the donation box. Use reference “EMF”.

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