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Fire Safety

Following many other hackerspaces, we adhere to this prime directive:

Rule 0: Do not be on fire

For compliance with Rule 0, please follow the procedure from Summerhall, copied below. Printable version

Fire Emergency Procedure

The Summerhall Fire Emergency Procedure document outlines actions to be taken in order to prevent fire occurring and to make sure all staff, residents, guests and volunteers are aware of what to do in the event of a fire and providing safe means of escape;

  • All fire escape stairways and corridors must be kept free of rubbish or any item that might impede the possibility of escape.
  • Fire doors must not be propped open or left open.
  • Fire doors must not be obstructed and must be fully accessible at all times.
  • Any fire doors appearing to be damaged or not working properly must be reported immediately to your Fire Marshal or Lettings Manager.
  • No fire fighting equipment must be used for any other purpose that that to which it is intended.
  • Fire fighting equipment must not be removed from the fire stations other than for the purpose of training, safety checking or fire fighting.

On hearing the continuous ringing of the electronic sounder fire alarm, all residents and their guests must evacuate the building by the nearest exit.

  • Without endangering themselves or others, residents should close the windows and doors of their offices and studios and any other fire doors they pass through whilst evacuating the building.
  • During an evacuation, residents should behave in a calm and responsible manner.
  • Lifts must NOT be used in the case of fire.
  • Residents and guest should meet at the Assembly Point and await further instruction from the fire officer.


  • Residents and guests should not re-enter the building until it has been deemed safe to do by the fire officer.

Emergency Summerhall Contacts

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