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Costa's crazy LASER CUTTER project

Basic plan

Building budget laser cutter based on H-bot mechanics suitable for 1.2m long laser tube.

Either 900x600mm: or 900x900mm:

  1. Draw a bill of material, software, suppliers, people involved.

New workshop activities:

  1. Design in TinkerCAD - (50% done)
  2. 3D print parts
  3. Source parts from BOM, find suitable piece of ply or HPL panel - 1300x1300mm (for 900x900mm cutting envelope) or 1300x1000mm (900x600mm cutting envelope) etc.
  4. Assemble the mechanics and test it with a laser pointer.
  5. Build the enclosure and safety switches

G2 workshop activities:

  1. Install CO2 laser tube
  2. Connect extraction and watercooling to the cutter
  3. Profit

Some updates: It seems to me that we need to make a laser with 90x65x3cm working envelope. It will let us to use standard 4x8ft sheets cut into 6 parts (813x610mm). The Design/CAM software generating the G-codes is - The controller will be RAMPS 1.4 to begin with

It turns out that it will be a minimum of 127x83x16cm dimensions (our current one is 125x75x25cm) Check out my super sneaky slant lasertube!



  • Costa £100
  • Al £50
  • Bernie £100
  • ww £100
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