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The lab has a library. There are various books of various origins and ownership that have built up in the space. This page will start to catalog some of them, and document library related policies.

This page also honours the memory of the former Edinburgh University library cat, pictured above, who has been missing since 13 March 2016.



  1. Books owned by the lab may be borrowed by members unless otherwise noted in the catalogue.
  2. If a book is not in the catalogue, you must add it before borrowing. Lab owned books should be marked with the lab stamp. (It's kept in the stationary drawer.)
  3. If a book is of unknown ownership, you should determine its owner and ask them about their borrowing policy.
  4. Loan duration policy is “be reasonable”. If you've had it for a while and someone else wants it then bring it back.


Books returned late may optionally be accompanied by a mate for the person who wanted it. Alternatively you may feed a cat treats in penance.

Inter-library Loans

You may add books from your personal library to the catalogue if you want to offer them for loan.



The lab can buy books of interest to members. If you want it to do so, send a message to the mailing list for comment first and then if there are no objections / enough support go ahead and buy it. Enough support means at least one person wants the book in addition to the proposer. More support may be needed for expensive books. Email for reimbursement. If discussion result is unclear directors can be asked for a decision.

Consider supporting local book shops, and avoiding amazon for ethical reasons, including their abuse of workers.

Points to consider when proposing books:

  1. Have we got space for it?
  2. Is it of interest to enough people?
  3. Is it easily available at a public library?
  4. Is it expensive? Some expensive books, like the “bible” for a core interest of the lab should be fine, e.g. the reference work for a programming language, or “The Art of Electronics”. If it's not obviously something like that then you should make sure there is enough interest to justify it.


Book Owner Borrowable? Default location Borrowed by Borrowed date
Stroustrup: “The C++ Programming Language”, 4th Edition Hacklab Yes G1


  • Select and setup catalogue software to replace table in wiki.
  • Catalogue existing books. Determine ownership and if we want them.
  • Dispose of books we don't want anymore.
  • Barcode reader / RFID system?
  • Periodical subscriptions?
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