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Total cost per gateway is going to be about £350 including an outdoor case, antennas and all the sundries. If you are looking at building your own for attic use then the costs can be a little lower at the expense of range. A commercial outdoor gateway is in the £800-£2000 range.

Please pledge your contributions below. I'd ideally like to fund two Hacklab gateways to be located on Summerhall and the Observatory

If you are interested in a personal gateway, we will bulk order the mezzanine and concentrator at a total of approx £170


NameHacklab gateway pledgePersonal gateway partsPaid
Tim Kerby£50YesNo


ItemSupplierNumber RequiredIndividual CostTotal Cost
Raspberry Pi 3 1£32£32
SD Card 1£5£5
Mezzanine ShieldDirtyPCBs1£10£10
Shield ComponentsVarious1£15£15
Outdoor Case 1 or Case 2 1£40£40
POE SplitterAmazon1£10£10
Lightning protectionTBD2£20£40
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