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Network Tidy-Up 2017

At the end of January 2017, new fibre is being installed for HUBS point of presence at Hacklab.

We need to:

  • rearrange our hardware to make space at the top of the rack for fibre termination.
  • upgrade our router to handle the increased bandwidth that will be made available to us.

We should also take the opportunity to:

  • spread our power usage across a second circuit
  • tidy-up the power distribution to avoid chains of power strips
  • rearrange the shelving for non-rackmount equipment
  • consolidate the power connections for the Raspberry Pis to reduce 13A socket usage


New Rack layout

  • top-front is reserved for HUBS and fibre termination
  • top-rear is needed for Hacklab primary switch, router shelf and cable management
  • Hacklab secondary switch can move to mid-rack and be used for servers
  • Replacement Hacklab router (assuming a 1U full-depth) can go mid-rack
  • fit two high-capacity PDUs, attached to different circuits

New Shelf layout

  • Tower PCs should have the same front-to-back airflow as the rack
  • Take the top-half or bottom-half of two shelf units, instead of top and bottom of one unit
  • Tower PCs can go on front shelf, Raspberry Pis and console can go on back-shelf
  • More power strips
  • Use a single Anker power supply or 2-3 Ikea USB chargers to reduce cabling for Pis
  • Use a dumb gigabit switch to reduce network cabling (Server LAN only, special cases can keep connecting to the rack switch)

Circuit Re-balancing

  • Fit an extra twin 13A socket next to the rack on circuit #1
  • Fit two twin 13A sockets next to the rack on circuit #2

Need to:

New Router

Ideal configuration would be a Dell R610 with two power supplies. RAM requirement is modest (1G).

Software is likely to be BSDRP.

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