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Network Maintenance 2017-08

  • We've acquired an R610, with a second on the way.
  • Two Core-2-Duo 1U servers have been offered.
  • The rack is getting crowded.

We would like to:

  • Optimise the layout within the rack, to avoid wasting half-depth spaces.
  • Separate the border routing and internal firewall/router functionality.
  • Upgrade routing hardware to cope with gigabit uplink.

Specific plans:

  • Move Hacklab NAT IP from to (to allow router separation).
  • Deploy new border router on PC server hardware, running BSDRP.
  • Deploy new internal router on PC server hardware, running pfSense.
  • Retain Mikrotik as a backup border router.
  • Move shelf-mounted routers and RPis from mid-rack to top-rack (co-locate behind the HUBS fibre).
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