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The lab hasn't had a projector since the member that was loaning one left for pastures new. Quite a few workshops could benefit from a projector, and it's pretty much expected for guest talks etc. Also will allow us to do some Movie nights.


  • XGA (1024×768) or better
  • Bright enough to use in day light (we do have blackout blinds that we could pull down) 2400 Lumens should be enough
  • Availability of replacement lamps
  • 15 pin VGA + (other Inputs)

Something like Optoma HD600X-LV looks like a good model.

The screen in front of the wall logo is 150cm wide x 120cm high. The distance from the screen to the shelve on the workbench (a natural location out of the way) is 6m so this is probably a bit of stretch with a standard lens. Alternatively it could be ceiling mounted without much trouble.


Estimate £350 including VAT + Delivery


The current financial situation means that paying for the full cost of a projector from general hacklab funds isn't sensible. Therefore a pledge has been started. If you would like to contribute please add your name and amount below.

  • Alex S - £50 - Paid
  • Gareth - £50
  • Peter - £100 - Paid
  • Martin - £30 - Paid
  • AL - £20
  • Gary - £50 - Paid
  • Tom L - £50 - Paid

Total: £350 : funded

coffee supply

  • Jane - £25 ← how is this related to the projector? The projector was already fully funded by the time I heard about the project. I was wondering what would be needed in additional. The projector is most likely be used in a workshop were the Hacklab would offer coffee. Therefor coffee supply.
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