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Ally Hume

Currently enjoy electronics tinkering and laser cutter tinkering although I am a novice in both.

Would be interested in DIY biology if anybody else is but I'm even more of a novice there.

Still working on my Arduino inverse geocache project but I think I'm close to finishing. Original attempt stalled when battery failed to provide enough power to reliably drive servo. This required a redesign of my laser cut box and I starting thinking about laser cutting wooden hinges, making a more beautiful box etc.

Projects on the horizon include a capacitor controlled LED sequence to look like Star Wars characters shooting each other. This is at my son's request. He also wants blue flashing LEDs for R2D2. Would be nice to have a picture where LEDs light up and create wee scene. Want to do it without a microcontroller just to learn about how far one can take timing using capacitors.

Would also like to create automata using the laser cutter some time. Possibly with a 1980s computer games theme.

I'm a software guy by trade working and work for EPCC. Lately I'm been getting involved in developing software for the interesting worlds of Genetics and Systems Biology.

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