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Gareth Edwards



My day job is as an engineer for Xilinx but I'm also interested in audio and music electronics, RF, sound design and post-lunch naps.

I used to be on IRC but forgot my nick recovery password so now I'm not.

I've been licensed as a radio amateur since 1996 with the callsign GM7WFT. I'm learning CW and would like to get properly started with SOTA.

I'm a Civilian Instructor with the RAF Air Cadets, with roles as Wing STEM coordinator, Squadron Radio officer and Adjutant.

Hacklab Projects

Things I've finished

Things I'm working on just now:

Things I'm thinking about working on:

  • 25W class-AB power scaled guitar amp head
  • TI SN76477 + SID-based synthesiser module

Did You Know?

  • I was the third person in Dundee to see Halley's Comet in 1986
  • I am tenuously related to Tim Burton.
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