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Gary Martin

Freelance software developer/designer, loves good UIs, informational visualisation, strong AI, autonomous robotics, bipedal robotics, micro electronics tinkering, 3d graphics, 3d printing, indi-games and animation. Doesn't make it in to the lab to hack as much as he would like but pops in from time to time. Tweets @garycmartin

Misc projects

Autonomous bipedal robot, looking forward to 3d print custom parts and upgrading some servos.

Light Log Project, wearable colour light sensor/tracker for helping those with seasonal affective disorder, winter blues, or into the quantified self track their light exposure @lightlogproject with the support of New Media Scotland's Alt-w fund and Project-Ginsberg.

Retro 64 pixel art game tiles, currently uses IR to communicate between adjacent tiles. Need to build enough to actually make a decent rogue like adventure game, hope to 3d print some custom red enclosures and name them 'little reds'.

Self Organising Maps for data visualisation…

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