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I'm that one white guy with the ponytail, scruffy beard and glasses. Y'know, the one singular person fitting that description. Don't have a picture lying around, sorry - you'll just have to trust me.

I'm easier to recognise by such rants as:

  • I swear come hell or high water I WILL get a 3D printer working in this place
  • Why is the MakerBot Cupcake extruder such a piece of shit
  • Seriously how do you design something as flaky as that
  • This stupid flute I made is unplayable, I need to develop a new graphical flute design tool
  • My physics engine broke again oh god
  • Physics calculations are too expensive
  • I don't want to stop using OpenGL direct mode and you can't make me
  • Aghhhhh octrees

A few of those relate to my game, Belter. It's gonna make me a thousandaire!

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