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Deus Ex Candelabra Mk I (complete)


  • Three cheap RGB LED beads in series
  • Cheap IR-remote LED strip controller.

Looks like a child's drawing close up.


Deus Ex Candelabra Mk II We don't talk about candelabra mk ii. There was no mark ii.

Deus Ex Candelabra Mk III


  • 3D printed diffusion tubes? 230 degree head temperature and print slowly (like 1mm3/s?)
  • 5 mm convex-topped RGB LEDs in parallel
  • Controlled by one of those cheap IR remote things or a wifi-one

Deus Ex Candelabra Mk IV


  • Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266
  • Generic SK6812 3535 strip or WS2812 5050 boards
  • Firmware from Jason Coon's GitHub (still under active development; need to find approach to program LED arrangement

Magnifier visor light boost


  • QX5252F and appropriate inductor

Nana's flickering table lamp


  • Few transistors and diodes
  • Capacitor provides soft on and off
  • Special flickering LEDs with flickering IC in epoxy
  • Regular LEDs in series with the flickering ones

Decorative wooden screens

Rationale: to decoratively box in the stuff stored on cupboard at top of stairs

Will use laser cutter to cut 3 mm plywood boards. I need to find settings (e.g. laser power to minimum necessary to cut through) to minimise the scorching/burning off the wood. I need to learn how to focus the laser cutter with my remaining eye.

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