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Model: Optima HD600?

Native resolution: 1280×800 (16:10). Select this resolution for the clearest image and to make full use of the screen.

Inputs: VGA, HDMI,S-Video, Composite

Inputs available via cable extensions: (soon to be HDMI) All but composite, which works via S-Video using an S-Video to composite adapter that should remain on the end of the S-Video cable when not in use. Currently part of the VGA extension involves a 2 port in line KVM. You must supply 5v via the PS/2 to USB adapter. A more permanent solution avoiding this will be hacked soon.

There is a remote control.

Projector screen: Pull down until blue tape shows then stop. As the projector is widescreen, there is no need to pull the screen down further. To wind the screen back up, pull sharply down a short distance then in one swift motion, allow the screen to retract fully. Do not stall or it will lock.

Projector notes: It's been set up, don't fiddle unless you know what you're doing. Use the remote control to turn the projector on. Please do not use the keystone correction function as it will seriously degrade the image quality - the projector has been lined up to be as close as possible to correct. Do not plug cables directly into the projector unless really necessary - the mount while secure, allows for adjustment and it's easy to bump the projector out of alignment. Always use the native resolution where possible.

For 4:3 video playback via S-Video, you may need to access the menu using the remote control and change the aspect ratio to 4:3. Please set back to Auto after use.

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