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Club Licence

Hacklab has a club licence, callsign MS0RHL/MM0RHL.

Tim Hawes is the licence holder. Tim Kerby and Mike Walters are named as the club officials and countersignatures to the license.

The following people are authorized to use the club license, or to supervise others in accordance with the standard amateur radio licence:

  • Tim Hawes MM0TUG
  • Tim Kerby MM0TKE
  • Mike Walters MM0MZW
  • Stephanie B MM0SBO
  • John H MM0HVA
  • Gareth GM7WFT
  • Bart MM0CEY
  • Bernie GM4WZG
  • Martin MM0LNG
  • Cameron MM0XCS
  • Alfie MM0AAL
  • Al MM0OOF
  • River MM0HAI
  • Ben MM0VBC

Please contact Tim Hawes if you have a full UK licence and would like to be added to this list.


The people above can use the license without supervision.

The people above can also supervise others:

  • people who are on a recognised training course (they should have a purple CPAR form)
  • people who hold a license from another country
  • people who have an exam pass certificate (foundation, intermediate or full)

Supervision means that the authorized full license holder is present and taking responsibility for the use of the license. As supervisor, you get to decide how closely to watch the radio user. You don't need to operate the PTT button for them.

The people above can also allow anyone else to “send a message”, but in this case the radio has to be operated by the authorized full license holder (including pressing the PTT button and cutting them off if they swear).

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