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We've installed simple warm white LED strip at one section of G1:

The whole room has really nice grove around the perimeter. It would be super-cool to install addressable RGB strip around the room The room is 9.1 x 4.2m and requires 26.6meters of the strip. at price £21.45 per 10m:

WS2812B on Aliexpress £21.45

We need £63.49 for all the strip

It also needs beefy 5V power supply at about 40A+ to run it

60A power supply - £17

Plus Wires

So we need about £103 to put really cool RGB lights all around!

Pledged enough to start purchasing! :)


I purchased 30meter of WS2812b from that Aliexpress seller - it turns out to be £61.84 with the use of a coupon.

Order Number: 81418590470980 £ 61.84

I also bought 60A Powesupply:

Order Number: 81417918870980 £ 18.57

At the moment we are £80.41 down.

We received the strips and waiting for the power supply.

Could someone find about 30m of 17A wires?
2017-01-25 Ordered cable and fuse box



Costa £10 Yes
Rob £10 Yes
Mike £10 Yes
Gary £10 Yes
Tim K £10 Yes
Azad £10 Yes
Tim H £10 Yes
ww £10 Yes
nojay £5 Yes
Ritvars £10 Yes
Simon £10 Yes
Martin £10 Yes
Steph £10 Yes

Please send your pledge payment to the Hacklab Bank Account or pay cash into the donations box at the lab. Mark yourself as paid in the list above.

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