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Block-B Roof

Current Status


  • Pole attached to stairway:
    • Active mini-whip antenna
    • VHF yagi antenna
    • APRS dipole antenna
  • FlightRadar24 stick antenna on plant room roof
  • HF magnetic loop antenna on plant room roof
  • 50MHz stick antenna on east-end
  • 30cm dish access point
  • HF Multiband Dipole
  • ~90cm offset dish on a stand on the main roof

Internal (near external door):

  • “sdr” PC with two RTL-SDR receivers (one with HF converter)
  • “aprspi” Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR receiver
  • OptiPlex 755 PC and SDRplay receiver
  • FlightRadar24 receiver unit with GPS antenna
  • LoRaWAN gateway and antenna (Al)
  • 8-port network switch

Internal (central shelf unit):

  • “switch-roof-b” 24-port network switch
  • “ap-roof” Mikrotik 941-2nd access point
  • Tim H's Pi and radio

Cable links:

  • 2x Cat 5 network cable to G11
  • 2x Coax RF cable to G1
  • Various Coax to external antennas

Accessing the external roof

Summerhall must be contacted before any Hacklab activity is carried out on the roof (not including the plant room). This is to avoid causing alarm to security personnel.

Weekdays before 18:00: email the list of contacts below, before going onto the roof.

At other times: email the list of contacts below, and also speak to the reception desk or contact the duty manager or security by radio.,,, mailto

This is the process agreed between Al and Antonia on 28th May 2018.

Other Rules:

  • Don't go on the roof in bad weather.
  • Don't work alone.
  • Stay away from the bees, especially during warm daylight hours.


Plans - what it should look like


  • shelf rack in central part of plant room


  • good antenna mast on stair 1 (near)
  • good antenna mast on stair 2 (far)
  • some kind of mounting on side of plant room (on other side of wall from shelf unit)
  • satellite-tracking mount (SatNOGS)
  • weather station


  • HF horizontal dipole along length of roof, center point on stair 2 mast
  • Dual-band co-linear stick antenna on one of the masts
  • Flightradar24 stick antenna
  • LoraWAN/TTN
  • HF magnetic loop
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