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Shell Server

A shell server is available to all members. Please ask Tim or Al to enable your account.

SSH Access


mosh is also enabled:


Web Server

Basic web service is enabled. Install your files under public_html and they will be available under

Idle on IRC 24/7

You can idle on IRC using an IRC client, hosted on the lab shell server. So that it keeps running after you log out of your session, we run it in something like GNU Screen or Tmux. Clients such as Wechat and Irssi are installed already. The following example uses Screen and Weechat:

Initialise your Screen session, with Weechat running in it:

screen weechat

Now, detach the session by typing Ctrl-a-d (in fact, many commands in screen are executed by typing Ctrl-a)

Type the following to resume the session:

screen -dr

You can also type Ctrl-a-c to type a new shell, Ctrl-a-k to kill the current screen, and Ctrl-a-n and Ctrl-a-p cycle backwards and forwards between all your open sessions.

Want more?

Need root? Want to play with obscure software configurations? Members can colocate a server in our rack or run a virtual machine on a shared host.

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