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Software Projects

This is a list of individual and group projects which may have happened once upon a time, with some progress details and the people involved.

Edinburgh Buses

Martin, Jay, Peter J Making use of data from the Edinburgh Buses, including building on existing work. One idea would be to expose the data in GTFS (Google Transit Format) and then use existing search tools on top of this.

  1. 20110302
    1. Made some use of Alex B's Bus API
    2. Looked at OpenGov NPTDR data, but may not solve routing problems
    3. Martin has a 3d plot of points – and a plan based on schedules and geo distances for working out connected bus instances


James B Issue tracking system

  1. 20110302
    1. Implemented bulk editing
    2. Implemented CSV import of issues

Jay Notifications system

  1. 20110302
    1. Working mainly on IE8 rendering issues

Megabus Trains

Tom D, John, Jay, Tine & co Gathering data from the Megabus Trains website

  1. 20110302
    1. Creating batch script to perform searches on the site
    2. Plenty of tricky issues regarding session state and cookies to resolve
  2. 20110305
    1. John has provided code to successfully make requests in both PHP and python!

Improved Android Security

Martin Android devices ask users to confirm the permissions an application will be able to use as a one-off, at install-time. The idea here would be to 'wrap' applications in a virtual environment, and allow run-time permission granting – with the option of simply returning fake/empty data to applications.

Custom apt packages

Martin, Jay Sometimes it's handy to patch an apt package with customizations and/or fixes - but these may not be accepted upstream before updates are available. The goal here would be to allow an 'overlay' system to compile updated versions from source, but apply any local customizations transparently.

Shout! Messaging System

Phil H Shout is (will be) a messaging website which combines the ease of use of Twitter with the functionality of blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger.

  1. 20110302
    1. Worked on CSS, and displaying a list of recent messages

Robot Operating System in the Cloud

Tom Larkworthy Adapt for distributed use in EC2. Difficult step involves reengineering Ogre3D and adding an IP transport to a WebGL context.

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