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Moving to Summerhall


These tasks need to be completed before the move, to minimize the effort required for the move itself…

  • Confirm availability of vans/cars/drivers for moving date
  • Empty old fridge and take to recycling centre
  • Recycle any old PCs that aren't worth keeping
  • Order boxes for member storage and lab equipment
  • Box-up:
    • Makerbot
    • Electronics equipment
    • Tools shelf
    • Nut/bolts
    • Stationery
    • Tea/coffee/kettle
    • Books
    • Lathe parts
    • CNC mill parts
    • Laser cutter parts
  • Test internet connection and if possible pre-configure a router



  • Have a beer and relax
  • Fill holes in OOTB walls
  • Collect and return OOTB keys
  • Clean and align laser cutter
  • Plan official opening

Before, During or After

  • Update location/address on website (about, visiting, contact us, …)
  • Update location in twitter description
  • Update location on Facebook Page
  • Update registered office address with Companies House (then footer on our website)
  • Update office address with co-op bank

Sketch of the new rooms' layout

 a sketch from the visit of 15/1/2013

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