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Swap Shop

This page replaces the old “free shelf”. Please list items that you would like to buy, sell or give away. Keep the items at home until you have a buyer/seller as we don't have room to store everything at the lab.

Free Stuff

Date Name Item
2019-03-05 Rob S ( Two Apple CRT monitors, working condition unknown

For Sale

Date Name Item Price
2018-07-03 Rob S ( PURE DAB radio, battery/mains model ONE, white £15
2019-07-31 Rob S ( Lenovo Win 10 tablet + extras, back camera faulty £30
2019-11-01 Rob S ( Biostar AM3 mobo, 4-core CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, working £20
2023-01-27 Tim Hawes Hytera PD365 compact DMR radio £60
2023-01-27 Tim Hawes Whistler TRX-1e radio scanner £300


Date Name Item
2019-03-05 Rob S ( Non-working microwave, old-style with transformer for hack
2019-11-12 Logan Tarvit ( Vacuum Tubes and other audio / guitar equipment, pedals, amplifiers, Cables - that sort of thing.
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