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Let's get a table saw!


Name Amount Paid?
Al £25 Yes
Gary £20 Yes
Azad £10 No
Steph £30 Yes
Ross £15 No
Martin B £10 Yes
Tom P £20 Yes
Heidi R £25 Yes
Tim H £20 Yes
Roz £20 Yes
Angelos S £15 Yes
Martin L £30 Yes
Mike Walters £20 Yes
Rob G £10 Yes1)
Greg £10 Yes
Tim K £20 Yes
Costa £20 Yes 2)
Ritvars £20 Yes
Simon £10 Yes
Total £350
Needed £300

Pledges are now due. We will buy a Bosch GTS 10 J.

I accidentally double paid for the RGB LED strip so that can go to this, as giving me it back was too much hassle.
But only if it is nice and not “too” expensive
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