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TIG Welder

We have a WSME200 AC/DC TIG welder on loan from mikewalters.


Working (as of 2018-01-22).

This tool requires an induction before use. Sessions are being advertised regularly on the mailing list. Contact mikewalters if one hasn't happened in a while.

Risk assessment


Photo Name Notes Location
Torch Welding torch & cable. Includes torch-switch for when not using foot pedal Attached to the welder
Ground clamp Ground return clamp & cable. Usually left clamped to the welding table Attached to the welder
Foot pedal Used for on/off and variable current control while welding. It has a dial on it to set max current (this overrides the machine front panel!) Attached to welder
Torch accessories bag Contains spare collets, cups, back-caps and tungstens On top of the welder



  • Test log please ignore.
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