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Connecting to the Wifi

SSID Mode Description
Hacklab 2.4GHz/5GHz WPA2 General access. Password posted on the wall in G1.
spacenet 2.4GHz/5GHz WPA2 Enterprise Inter-hackspace roaming wifi. See below.

Only spacenet is available in the roof space. This is to provide authenticated access to Hacklabbers working on radio projects, without sharing our internet connection with the entire neighbourhood.


Spacenet is a federated authentication system for secure roaming (wireless) network access across hackerspaces and community events.

This means you can connect your device to the spacenet SSID using your Edinburgh Hacklab account, and it will automatically re-connect at other participating hackerspaces and hacker events (like EMF Camp).

Hacklab users should connect with, using their Edinburgh Hacklab account credentials. The following EAP protocols are known to work:

  • PEAPv1 + GTC
  • TTLS + PAP
  • PEAPv0 + MSCHAPv2 - no longer supported
  • TTLS + MSCHAPv2 - no longer supported

Configure your client to use the CA certificate for the authentication server. Our certificate SHA-256 fingerprint is:



See Network.

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