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Layer 2

Name Model Location
switch-g11-d HPE A5120-48G Top-rack
switch-g1 3Com/HP A5500-48G G1 ceiling
switch-roof HP Procurve 8-port Block B roof/plant room
switch-roof-b HP Procurve 24-port Block B roof/plant room
switch-makerbee Netgear GS108Ev3 Block B 2.6 MakerBee's office
other unmanaged edge switches
                hubs       summerhall
                   \       /
                    \     /
                     \   / 
     unifi-g11 -- switch-g11-d
                      / \     \
                     /   \    switch-roof-b -- ap-roof
                    /     \
                   /      switch-roof
         /    |    \
        /     |     \
       /      |      \
unmanaged-g2  |    unifi-g1/g2/g8
      [multiple in g1]

HUBS: Gigabit copper between oxygen and the HUBS router in our rack.

Summerhall: Gigabit fibre between switch-g11-d and the Summerhall server room. This was originally intended to be connected directly to oxygen, but the SFP was incorrectly configured so we are currently using a VLAN via our switch.

Layer 3

Internal IPv4

Routing is handled by oxygen, a Dell PowerEdge R610 running RouterOS.

Old: HUBS and 2a04:5d00:70::/48 provided by HUBS.

Router address:
External NAT address:

This service will be ceased from 1st July 2020. The IPv4 addresses will continue to be routed via a tunnel until 14th July 2020.

New: Summerhall

Router IP:
Gateway IP:

IPv4 (owned by Hacklab):
IPv6 (Fluency PA): 2a00:a600:6::/48
IPv6 (HUBS PA): 2a04:5d00:70::/48


Hostname Location SSIDs
unifi-g1 G1 (Main room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g2 G2 (Laser room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g8 G8 (Workshop) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g11 G11 (Store room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g14 G14 (Electronics) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-2.6 MakerBee's office spacenet
unifi-2.10 Novus' office spacenet
ap-roof Roof spacenet

See WiFi for client connection details.

Record Keeping


As of 21/02/2022 for 1 year, Tardis Project are borrowing They used to have colo in UoE but were recently kicked out and have no IP space. FDX is giving them paid colo in the FDX office but no IP space as of yet. As a gesture of goodwill Hacklab is letting them borrow this space to get them on their feet.

It is currently static routed to an FDX router in the rack and then handled by FDX to reach Tardis.

For any questions on the agreement please contact Cameron Sharp


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