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The build instructions are at:

A condensed version of these instructions would be handy. Anyone can contribute those and add them here, given a login.

Notes for team:

  • Know contact details of rest of team, and who is leading
  • Know workshop where equipment is stored
  • Know safety guidelines and what to do if there is an accident
  • Know what the workshop is about, and how many people to expect
  • Know how long the workshop normally takes
  • Arrive with time for tidying the lab before and after, checking equipment, typically 30+ mins before and after, depending
  • Some students may be slow and want to chat
  • Some will be fast and may require supplemental tasks
  • Some may need extra help, e.g. disability
  • During workshop, you might take notes about how future workshops could improve, hints and tips
  • Note how size and make-up of group?
  • On set up count equipment and note their condition
  • Repeat on completion, collect and pack back into boxes.
  • Make a note of anything which needs to be procured for next time

Checklist for warm-up talk

  • Welcome! Introducing the workshop team.
  • Edinburgh Hacklab:
    • what it is
    • how to join discussions / become a member
  • About the workshop:
    • duration
    • toilets, completing or leaving early
    • aims, what you will learn, what you will take home
    • pre-requisite knowledge
    • instruction leaflet
    • more information online and elsewhere
    • demo finished result
    • (mention extra tasks for quick finishers, kits on sale, cost)
    • what to do next, other workshops
  • Safety
    • soldering irons: hot! will burn fingers, clothes, hair, cables, etc.
    • first aid
    • solder: content, toxicity, smoke toxicity, lead-free vs leaded
    • eye protection: flying wire clipping hazard
    • hairbands advised
    • (disclaimer?)
  • Tools
    • Soldering iron usage demo
    • Importance of clean tips
    • Holder and cleaning sponges
    • Kit, components, legs, polarity
    • Through-hole vs surface mount PCB boards / vero
    • Where to apply solder and how
    • Blu-tack and board clamps
    • Solder suckers and copper braid
    • Flux pens
    • Clippers and pliers
    • Multimeters / continuity testers
  • Per-table soldering demo
    • Check solder adheres to iron tips
    • Cleaning the tip
    • Inserting the legs
    • Soldering the legs, good vs bad joints
    • Clipping the legs
    • Using the multimeters / continuity checkers
    • Using the solder sucker and braid
  • Switch-on time
    • pass water bottle around for sponges
    • hair/glasses reminder
    • check for missing components
    • check iron tips adhere
    • start working…
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