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3D Printer Pledges

Update (2014-12-02): The printer has now been purchased and is in the lab.

As agreed at the AGM, the lab should have a working 3D printer.

The plan is to go for an Ultimaker 2. One of our members, Gary Martin, already has one and it has been producing some excellent prints.

The cost is €1895 which works out at about £1900 (inc. VAT).

Since the lab's bank account cannot reasonably fund a purchase of this size, we are asking for pledges to buy the printer for the lab. Pledges will be collected at a later date once we have hit the target. Please add your name and amount pledged below if you would like to pledge. Goal has been hit, thanks all!


Name Amount pledged Paid?
Mike W£100Yes (2014-11-19)
Gareth£100Yes (2014-11-25)
Martin£100Yes (2014-11-18)
Gandolf£20Yes (2014-11-18)
Ted£50Yes (2014-11-28)
Al£50Yes (2014-11-19)
Peter J£200Yes (2014-11-19)
Tim£50Yes (2014-11-19)
Gary£50Yes (2014-11-19)
Diego Z£10Yes (2014-11-28)
Alex H£200Yes (2014-12-02)
Rob G£50Yes (2014-11-19)
Owen C£100Yes (2014-11-20)
John H£100Yes (2014-11-25)
Jane£50 Yes (2014-09-08)
Chris N£10Yes (2014-11-20)
Irina B£50Yes (2014-11-23)
Arduino Workshop Surplus£300n/a
Tom K£40Yes (2014-11-19)
Ewan Klein£50Yes (2014-11-24)
anonymous£100Yes (2014-11-17)
Jeremy Nicoll£120Yes (2014-11-19)

Running Total: £1,900

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