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EMF Camp 2014

This page is for the previous camp. See EMF Camp 2016 for this year.

29th-31st August
Newton Longville, near Milton Keynes

See also: Edinburgh Hacklab village

Who's going?

Name Going? License Car Plan
Tim definitely D1 yes minibus (backup driver)
Peter definitely B - minibus (southbound only, luggage both ways)
Al definitely B - minibus (southbound only, luggage both ways)
Mike definitely B yes, doesn't trust it minibus
Jo definitely - - minibus
Bart definitely B yes, prefer minibus minibus
AlexS definitely B - minibus (southbound only, will pay return)
Amy (AlexS's partner) definitely - - minibus
Nick definitely D1 - minibus
Sean definitely D1 yes minibus (driving)
Martin definitely minibus
River minibus
Derek USA (B?) No minibus
Marcel no B -
pozorvlak no

One person has contacted us via the EMF car sharing page and asked for a lift to Stockport or Manchester on Monday. Tim has replied indicating that we have space but we would want to limit the length of any detour. She will probably take the train instead.

What are we bringing?


  • 12V USB and 150W inverter for the ride (Tim)
  • 35l box for SMD workshop (Hacklab)
  • BBQ (Al) and charcoal (to be bought)
  • 2x folding chairs, 2x folding stools (Tim)
  • Foldy table (Bart)
  • Gas hob and cartridges (Mike)
  • Gas hob (Bart)
  • Saucepans (Hacklab)
  • Number plate!
  • ~3L water bag
  • 25m extension cable, 16A plug, USB adapters (Tim)


  • Electric coolbox (Tim)
  • Electric scooters (Bart)
  • 1.7L Kelly Kettle + Trangia stove (Nick)
  • 2x folding chairs (Nick)
  • Vango Orchy 5 berth tent as possible shared area (Nick)
  • Tassimo ?
  • Large cooking pot (Nick)
  • Wok (Nick)



If you think you'd like to organise a meal, add your name below and your suggested meal. Helpers needed too, since there will potentially be 12 people to feed!

Three evening meals (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), possibly also three breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). I am guessing lunches will be more ad-hoc. [Since we will also have a BBQ, we don't need to cover all possible meal times. –Tim]

Who Suggested meal(s) cooks' constraints, comments Required
Nick + … Instant rice & coconut veg curry Needs 1 large pot, stirring spoon, chopping knife large bowl or pot for rice+water 6x (or 2x 4-pack) boil in the bag basmati, 6x Spice tailor kerulan curry, 8x peppers, 1x bag quorn pieces x 2, 2x punnet mushrooms, 6x onions, 1x bag peas, 1x bag cashews, 2x 8-pack of tortilla wraps
Bart + … Chicken Fajitas and Beer Contains meat. Roll your own. 1Kg Chicken, 4 peppers, 4 onions, Sour Cream, Block of Cheese, Cheese Grater, Lettuce, 20+ Wraps, Few sachets of Fajita Mix, Salsa, Tortilla Chips
Peter + … Vegetarian Spaghetti “Bolognese” Vegetarian, Large Frying pan and pot for pasta 500g quorn mince, 2 x 500g packets of spaghetti, 6 onions, 4 tins/packets of chopped tomatoes, garlic, ~6 mushrooms

Fuel, food and utensil requirements also needed, may need reviewing once suggestions are in. The aim is to know what to buy / bring. Add these to the “shopping” and “bringing” lists. Cost of shopping to be shared.

Individual dietary restrictions / preferences, which might the affect choice of meals:

  • Nick: no meat, fish, or peanuts please. Shrimps ok.


We will stop at a supermarket on the way to EMF. Group shopping is slow and tedious, so we will do a click-and-collect shop. List your requests here:

  • BBQ charcoal (what size?)
  • Milk (1L)
  • UHT Milk 3 x 1L (limited fridge space)
  • Porrage Oats (1kg)
  • Cooking oil (0.5L)
  • Paper/plastic plates, cutlery for ~12 people, 3 meals
  • Kitchen roll
  • Toilet roll
  • Cups
  • Bread?
  • Butter?
  • Jam?
  • Fruit? -
  • Booze?
  • Sausages and burgers for BBQ
  • Veggie sausages for BBQ?
  • Kebab ingredients
  • Rolls
  • Ketchup
  • Eggs

There is a Tesco on the EMF-recommended route, at Kingston MK10 0AH.


SMD workshop

Using grid and/or POV Really Useful box with 10 Soldering Irons would require transport. Sell kits for a bit over cost price (suggest ~£12 for Grid, £10 for POV) Take extra kits for sale.

Stuff that we would need

  • Build an example Grid, we have 10 PCBs already
  • Order more PCBs, from china so allow ~6 weeks. Need to order by 1 July to be sure
  • Order load of 1206 LEDs, again from China
  • Other stuff available from Farnell.


2 or 3 helpers to run a 2 hour workshop.


  • PeterJ
  • Al
  • Bart
  • [your name here]


Depart: Friday morning to arrive late afternoon.
Return: Monday morning to arrive evening.

Current plan:

17-seat minibus with rear three seats removed for luggage space. Driven by Sean with Tim as backup.

Sean has booked and paid for the minibus. Total cost will be £700-800 so the per-person cost should be under £80. Everyone should pay Sean £80 (see your email for the bank details) and he will refund the excess when the final numbers are known.

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