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EMF Camp 2018

August 31st - September 2nd 2018
Eastnor, UK

Who's going?

Name Travel
Tim H Driving with Al and Isabel, arriving Thu afternoon/evening
Mike Walters Driving a van down with Peter J and Alistair
alfie Arriving via the means of Actual Magic™ a train to Preston and three days dogsitting.
Simon Arriving by train; need a lift from Ledbury station on Thursday 17:00
Alistair Travelling with Mike
Gordon train arriving at 1830
Tim K Driving with Stephanie
Stephanie Driving with Tim K
Al Travelling with Tim H
Isabel Travelling with Tim H
Peter J Travelling with Mike
Duncan Unknown
Martin & Wren Wren coming from London, Martin from somewhere

There is no minibus this year, but Mike is taking a van and can carry extra cargo.

Mailing List

Equipment Hire

Tim H has hired a 3x3m marquee, 2 tables and 20 chairs on behalf of the Hacklab village. This comes to £178 total.

What are we bringing?

LoRaWAN gateway + some LoRa shizzle (Al)


Camping Gear

Who is bringing what, for the Edinburgh Hacklab village:

Thing Person
Electric coolbox, duct tape, gas stove, 8 gas cartridges, j-cloths, dish sponge, 2x paring knives, chopping board, wet wipes Tim H (in Mike's van)
10L water carrier, 3x3m awning/canopy, Ground sheet 6x4ft, 2L kettle, washing bowl, 50x paper plates Tim H (in Mike's van)
Picnic blanket Tim H
Gas stove (cartridge type) Mike
Anker 10 port USB charger Mike
A couple of small BBQs + tools, if transport arranged Al
16A 3-way splitter Simon
18“ fan (unless weather forecast is cold) (Hacklab)
Electric coolbox (in Mike's van) Simon
10m extension, 2 adapters, 10 way extension (in Mike's van) Simon


  • Music playback (Alfie, if there's some kind of cargo transport available)

Shared Expenses

Description Amount Who
Hire of tent, tables, chairs £178 Tim H
Tesco shopping (Thursday) £82 Tim H
Tesco shopping (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) £93 Tim K
Share of van hire £100 Mike
TOTAL £453 (£30 per person)

The shared costs were around £30 per person. This will be processed via Hacklab, so please make payments to the lab via bank transfer, izettle or cash into the donation box. Use reference “EMF”.

If you disagree with the amount (because you feel that you didn't use the tent/food/van as much as everyone else, or because you're on an extremely tight budget) then feel free to adjust your donation appropriately. I don't want to discuss it, just pay what you can and the lab can absorb any losses if necessary.

– Tim H

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