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Layer 2

Name Model Location
switch-g11-d HPE A5120-48G Top-rack
switch-g1 3Com/HP A5500-48G G1 ceiling
switch-roof HP Procurve 8-port Block B roof/plant room
switch-roof-b HP Procurve 24-port Block B roof/plant room
other unmanaged edge switches
      unifi-g6 -- switch-g11-d
                      / \     \
                     /   \    switch-roof-b -- ap-roof
                    /     \
                   /      switch-roof
         /    |    \
        /     |     \
       /      |      \
unmanaged-g2  |    unifi-g1/g2/g8
      [multiple in g1]

Layer 3 and 2a04:5d00:70::/48 provided by HUBS.

Internal IPv4, with an external NAT address of

Routing is handled by oxygen, a Dell PowerEdge R610 running RouterOS.


Hostname Location SSIDs
unifi-g1 G1 (Main room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g2 G2 (Laser room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g6 G6 (Sensational Systems' office) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g8 G8 (Workshop) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-makerbee Floor 2 (MakerBee's office) spacenet
ap-roof Roof spacenet

See WiFi for client connection details.

Record Keeping


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