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Layer 2

Name Model Location
switch-g11-d HPE A5120-48G Top-rack
switch-g1 3Com/HP A5500-48G G1 ceiling
switch-roof HP Procurve 8-port Block B roof/plant room
other unmanaged edge switches
      unifi-g6 -- switch-g11-d 
                      / \
                     /   \
                    /     \
                   /      switch-roof -- tl-wr703n
         /    |    \
        /     |     \
       /      |      \
unmanaged-g2  |    unifi-g1/g2/g8
      [multiple in g1]

Future Plans

We have acquired and are currently migrating to an HP A5120-48G switch. This is expected to serve all of the switching for G11.

Layer 3 and 2a04:5d00:70::/48 provided by HUBS.

Internal IPv4, with an external NAT address of

Routing is currently handled by a Mikrotik RouterBOARD 450G.


In future, routing will be handled by VMs on Oxygen, both running BSDRP.

At this point we will be splitting the responsibilities of the old Mikrotik 450G into two - One VM (Nickel) to handle our edge (BGP speaking + Public IP Space Gateway), and one (Iron) to handle NAT and act as a gateway for all internal space. PF will be handling NAT + Firewalling on these machines.


Hostname Location SSIDs
unifi-g1 G1 (Main room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g2 G2 (Laser/3D-printing room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g6 G6 (Hot Glue's room) Hacklab, spacenet
unifi-g8 G8 (Workshop) Hacklab, spacenet
wr703n1 Roof spacenet

The UniFi APs also host a private SSID for our door access system.

See WiFi for client connection details.

Record Keeping


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