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MS0RHL Members

A number of Hacklab members and Alumni are licensed amateur radio users; here they are.

Name Callsign License Level DMR ID
Alex H 2M0LBH 2. Intermediate N/A
Chris N 2M0FFY 2. Intermediate N/A
John H MM0HVA 3. Full N/A
Mike W MM0MZW 3. Full N/A
Rob G MM3RGI 1. Foundation N/A
Stephanie B MM0SBO 3. Full N/A
Tim H MM0TUG 3. Full N/A
Tim K MM0TKE 3. Full N/A
Gareth E GM7WFT 3. Full 2354417
Pepe MM0SKB 3. Full N/A
Bart MM0CEY 3. Full N/A
William VE3HW 0. Maple Syrup N/A
Bernie GM4WZG / GM4X 3. Full N/A
Alistair M 2M0WMA 2. Intermediate N/A
Cameron S MM0XCS 3. Full 2354588
Martin MM0LNG 3. Full N/A
Al MM0OOF 3. Full N/A
Ben MM0VBC 3. Full 2354623
Alfie MM0AAL 3. Full 2354599
River MM0HAI 3. Full N/A
Logan T MM7OWO 1. Foundation 2354641
Ritvars MM7XRT 1. Foundation 2354657
Jerome MM0OFY 3. Full N/A

DMR Talkgroup

We have an official Brandmeister talkgroup!

We are TG23522 (522 = LAB)

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