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Radio Projects

There are a number of projects in the pipeline relating to amateur radio; these will be updated as they progress.

Lab HF access

Antennas tested thus far:

  • TBD. Now we have a radio we can start looking at what Summerhall will let us install and what works best. Inv-V looking like the best option currently. It may be worth making a fan-IV to minimise matching losses.

Coax drop options:

  • TK is trying to arrange free cabling
  • Paracord dropped in conduit ready for cables


  • William W has donated a Yaesu 857D.

Hacklab ARC

  • Call MM0RHL.

Weekly Net

Chris will throw out a call Weds evenings at 7PM UTC(TAI), so keep an ear out.

"Radio Night"

Date Theme Comments
12/02HF40m dipole tested with great success and some DX was worked.
26/02ARDFA fox was built and successfully tested using a Baofeng UV-B5 > Nagoya SP45, Arduino
12/032m Yagi BuildBuilt some excellent tape measure yagis based on the plans here
26/03Cable TracingIdentified the conduit for running cables ground-to-roof

Mini Maker Faire

It may be too soon for this year but a full license holder could apply for a special event callsign and we could show the station to the public or use it for talk in (providing directions and help to those visiting). Setting up an ardf challenge within Summerhall on very low power would also be interesting.

Other Projects

  • RX/TX iGate - requires NoV - this is available for the time being for anyone who wants to mess about with APRS.
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