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Teatime in the Hacklab


This page is maintained by Hacklab Technical Committea 34, Sub-committea 8.

The lab has a selection of specialiteas, as well as some boring normalitea. But remember: proper tea is theft!

Here's how to brew tea. We have some nice loose-leaf teas that people are using. But something is rottean in the statea of the tea-brewing here at the lab!

There are two tea-pots. The little tea-pot and the big tea-pot. Both have lids. THIS IS A BAD THING (from what we've seen). People are leaving tea they have forgotten about for days! (This inevitably leads to weeks, months if we're not careful!)

The big tea-pot is a big tea-pot with a goudy (goutea) design. it looks nice so people forgetea it has liquid in it.

The little tea-pot is a cute Ikea (that is pronounced ɪ²keːa) one. You won'tea miss the factea there is cold tea in it, butea you may miss the factea there are leaves leftea in it. Here is a photea:

Remember, both liquid and wet leaves will attract mould!

  1. Put appropriate quantitea of tea in pot
    • Instructions for the senior tea-pot
      • Tea bags: Use four tea bags.
      • Loose leaf: Use two tea-spoons.
    • Instructions for the little 'un
      • Tea bags: One tea bag.
      • Loose leaf: Use one tea-spoon.
  2. Boil appropriatea quantity of water.
    • Big tea-pot: Boil 1,5l.
    • Little tea-pot: Boil less than 1l.
  3. Leave tea for a minutea or two
  4. Pour as appropriatea.
    • The little one goes in the dishwasher.
    • The big one won't - you'll have to use your hands. OH THE HORROR!
  6. Check you've done step 5
  7. In fact if you do one thing do step 5, e.g. if you find the tea in the tea pot.

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