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G1 Refurbishment

The general plan of refurbishment of G1 (the main room) is to make it nicer and more welcoming.

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The Plan™

Get the floor done while the lab is closed. Rip almost everything out of G1. Move in only the necessary bits.


  1. Prep G1 for flooring people
    • Move everything out of the room (includes clearing the fridge, dishwasher etc.)
    • Remove old linoleum
    • Remove coathanger board - River
    • Remove small projector & shelves - Marcin
    • Clean floor
    • Level floor - Costa
    • Call up flooring people and pay final 50% - Marcin
    • Remove desk supports
    • Remove lino skirting
  2. Inspect new shiny floor - everyone
  3. Order/make new tables - Costa
  4. Find a second sofa
  5. Find a coffee table
  6. Find nice chairs
  7. Figure out separator/shelf - Large Ikea Kallax obtained
  8. Order & hang notice board - Marcin
  9. Clean up walls
  10. Paint pipes and radiators and such to match walls
  11. Figure out better kitchen:
    • Cupboards
    • Utensils
    • Move everything into one box
    • Only communal cooking allowed for now
  12. Find (maybe) a designer to help - Marcin
  13. Research improving ventilation
  14. Remove wood strip from wall
  15. ???


  • How do we organise work to maintain social distancing?
  • Should we have a mezzanine?
  • Should we get a new projector screen (or fix old one)?

Cool ideas

  • Project show-off gallery
  • Figure out a theme
  • Outside hacking space

Theme ideas

  • Marine
  • Forest
  • Cyberpunk
  • Solarpunk
  • Summer
  • Laboratory (mad scientist type)
  • Small animal hospital
  • Zoo
  • Tea house
  • Steampunk
  • Tardis!

Design Goals

What are we actually trying to achieve with the design?

  • Comfortable
  • Welcoming
  • Friendly
  • Hackable
  • Accessible
    • Sensory needs - sound and light control
    • Quiet / social retreat space
  • Usable for:
    • Communal meals
    • Watching films
    • Computering
    • Soldering / social compatible electronics

How to make G1 Friendly

  • Should be a place where you'd feel comfortable recording and playing music, making and showing films, and creating art.
  • Place where people want to come back
  • Rugs in the lounge area




  • Status update - Marcin
  • Covering up pipes project
  • New heaters?
  • ???


  1. Floor: 1602

Butterfly latches: Adam Hall 17370C Butterfly latch keepers: Adam Hall 17370K

we need 32 latch+keeper sets for the tables

for “docking” the wheeled divider, we need four latches and eight latch keepers (for the two “docking ports”)

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