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G1 Refurbishment

The general plan of refurbishment of G1 (the main room) is to make it suitable for larger groups of people. It is also desirable to create both, working and recreational areas.

Decision making section

Planning and timing section

It involves the following stages with a very optimistic estimate of time:

Cleaning phase:

  1. move all the stuff out or G1 e-recycling waste – 0.5day - done
  2. get rid of TV stand – 0.5day - done
  3. remove the large flat table from the middle of the room - 1day
  4. Decide which linoleum to get – 3 days
  5. Remove the cupboard from G1 and probably turn it into a members box holder in G11 1 day + place for keeping it – 1.5 days
  6. remove all the floor - 1day

Resources necessary: 5.5days of 2-3 people and 2 days of 4 people

Flooring stage

  1. Buy all the glue, plaster, paint and linoleum and store it in the corridor – 2days max
  2. prepare the floor with all necessary plastering, leveling and stuff. - 2 days 4-5 people
  3. Glue the linoleum to the floor – 2-3 days 4-5 people
  4. Prettify all the bits and bobs – 2-3 days 2-3 people

Resources necessary: 2days of 1-2persons after that 4-5days of 4-5 people and 2-3 days of 2-3 people

Furniture stage

  1. Turn the FM station to the other wall and add small tools and soldering corner – 1 day
  2. Make or buy the hexagonal tables - 3days
  3. Make or buy the divider shelf and mounts - 1-2days
  4. Make the electronic components, enterntainment, wiring, kitchen, robots etc

Resources necessary: 1day of 1-2 person, 3 days of 2people, 1-2days of 2 people, 2-3 days of 2-3 people.

Some floor options

G1 has 40sq meter area max

Garage flooring tiles - fixable, water-resistant, no need for floor leveling:

cost £30-35 per sq meter inc VAT = total £1200-1400

Linoleum - not fixable, water resistant, no need for floor leveling:

cost £19 per sq meter exc VAT = total £800-1000

Laminate flooring (we need AC5 wear rating, suitable for commercial use in shops)

cost £14 per sq meter inc VAT = total £560

Carpet tiles - absorbs spilled liquid and slightly harder to clean, and may generate static electricity. That the only problem.

£10 per sq meter inc VAT = total £400.


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