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Amateur Radio

See also new start page for radio.

See also Radio Projects.

A number of the Hacklab regulars are Amateur Radio operators.


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Club Licence

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Local 2M simplex calling frequency is 145.500MHz

Local 2M repeaters are:

ID Channel Output Input CTCSS Location Coverage
GB3CS RV60 145.7500 145.1500 103.5Hz Kilsyth, Lanarkshire West Lothian, W Edinburgh and Glasgow
GB3DU RV61 145.7625 145.1625 118.8Hz Duns, Borders Former Berwickshire
GB3LB RV63 145.7875 145.1875 118.8Hz Lauder, Borders East Lothian & SE Edinburgh
GB3ED RB14 433.3500 434.9500 94.8Hz Napier University Central Edinburgh (note 1)
GB3AG RV58 145.7250 145.1250 94.8Hz Sidlaw Hills, Angus Angus & Fife (Note 2)

1: GB3AG is easily workable from high ground in Edinburgh and lower down in the summer during periods of tropospheric ducting.

Other repeaters are available.

IRLP repeater #5196 - Edinburgh, City Of

  • Operated by Ricky GM1PLY
  • Simplex 434.4750MHz
  • CTCSS 94.8Hz


Equipment Sharing

Description Owner Location
SWR-10 Compact SWR/Power Meter (up to 150MHz/50W) Tim H
Revex W520 SWR/Power Meter (1.8-200MHz, 200W) Tim H Lab
M-100 Pre-Amplifier Tim H
MFJ-1020C Active Antenna Tim H
Wellbrook Active Loop Antenna Tim H Installed on roof
RFSPACE SDR-IQ Receiver Tim H Tim's box
SMA / BNC crimp tool Bart Bart's Box
Crimp tool for large cables (10mm) Tim K
Green 50Mhz antenna Hacklab Installed on roof
Flaking HF Whip (wear gloves, fibreglass shards) Bart Wall of storeroom
SignaLink USB Tim H Lab
MFJ 989C HF antenna tuner (3kW) Martin Radio Corner
EU1KY Antenna Analyser GDE


This page has a sister page for vegetarians and those not interested in radio.

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