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This is a workshop for people who have never used an Arduino before, but are curious and would like to spend a few hours exploring this fascinating tool. We don't assume any programming or electronics knowledge, so don't worry if this is completely new to you! Similarly, the course is designed to also accommodate people who have dabbled with electronics or programming before.

To do this we have tried to make things self-paced. There are a series of interesting exercises and challenges which take you through the basics of using an Arduino. The idea is that you work through the exercises and challenges at your own speed. Challenges have 3 levels:

  • Easier
  • Intermediate
  • Harder

If today is your first experience of programming and electronics then it's best to keep to Easier challenges, doing some Intermediate if you can. If you've previous experience or get through the Easier and Intermediate easily then try some Harder challenges. You can use these tutorials at home after the workshop so you can go back and try challenges later.

If you're needing help, please ask one of the helpers. We are here to help you learn and have an enjoyable day!

If you find any problems in the wiki, like spelling mistakes or code errors, then either correct them, or tell us so that we can correct them. That will save other people in the workshop wasting time on fixing our bugs :)

The kit you're given

kit_components.jpg kit_in_box.jpg

What you'll learn and make

We are going to make some blinky lights, fading mood lamp and sounds that react to changes in the environment including light levels and movement. Lots of concepts of the Arduino will be learnt on the way through the exercises and challenges.

There'll be plenty of room to do your own thing along the way. If you're curious about something, give it a go and ask the helpers!

The exercises are organised into the following stages:

Tutorial 1 - Getting Started

  • the structure of an Arduino program
  • digital outputs
  • delays
  • using LEDs, resistors and breadboards

Tutorial 2 - Human Interface

  • voltage dividers
  • rotary potentiometers
  • push buttons
  • pull-up resistors
  • analogue voltage measurements

Tutorial 3 - Sensing the Environment

  • Light dependent resistors
  • Measuring resistance

Tutorial 4 - Multi-coloured!

  • RGB-LEDs
  • PWM and analogWrite
  • Official Arduino documentation
  • Origami

Tutorial 5 - My Bat Sense is Tingling...

  • Ultra-sonic sensors
  • 3rd party Arduino libraries

Tutorial 6 - Fun with Infra-Red

  • Infra-red LEDs
  • Transistors
  • 3rd party firmware

Other information

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